About Us

Global Communication Education and Art (GCEA) is a nonprofit organization formed in 2012. Our mission is to educate, serve, train, inform and empower communities in the Bay Area. Since our inception, GCEA has been involved with other organizations in advocating for community members around the world.

GCEA  primarily to provide high quality community service for individuals, families, and community groups toward health consulting, health benefits, cultural exchange and immigrate support here in United States and international.

With the vision of Youth Empowerment Services (YES) program to advance and support children, youth, and family on academic breakthroughs in life development, job placement and other activities focusing and envisioning a community where all young people have the opportunities and access to programs without restriction of race, cultural difference or socioeconomic status.

Global Communication Services is currently providing a variety of services to the community: helps language interpreting translating for immigrant community groups and individuals, legal service support or referral to lawyers, health and wellness training, economic development workshops and educational support.  Also the main focus is on youth with their academic work, job placement, health and wellness training, cultural dance training, and hosting/organizing community based cultural events and workshops.

Global Communication Services has been established and supported by collective members from various bay area communities , university students,
community groups, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, education departments, healthcare departments, and business owners.