2017 Events

2017 event highlights


Our job placement and professional leadership training these past two weeks July 14-20 had enormous future impact to our people. From the 32 men we had trained 24 of them had attended the Oakland Convention Center job fair July 21, 2016. Sharing leadership, resources, and mutual love for the community we were able to give back in a major way, which is extraordinary to our team and our community. We make a difference when we work together.
GCEA/”Youth Empowerment Services”, collective members and volunteers and “The MenTouring Project ” Frank Figgaroa Clayton, work together for the job placement and professional leadership training on July 19, 2016. Together we will serve our community today and create leaders for tomorrow!

Our youth and community educators created leadership opportunities at the job training program. We encountered many individuals that were not adequately prepared. They were not dressed appropriately, did not know how or have confidence in expressing themselves. Many participants do not have a resume, could not fill out an application, and did not show the proper attitude that employers are looking for.




Love consciousness celebration

Live Music, Food, Art and spiritual healing practices at Au lounge. Created moments of joy, collective healing, and community building. This is ongoing monthly event.



tsion girma

I had the pleasure of volunteering with the Youth Empowerment Services (Y.E.S.) program. The workshop was very well organized. Young men from different cultural backgrounds attended. The attendees were nervous and shy at the beginning. There were several presentations on filling out applications and writing resumes as well as having a successful interview. We all assisted while they practiced and role played. Throughout the process Almaz was assuring the attendees to be themselves and it’s ok to make a mistake. I started noticing half way into the program how relaxed the young men became. They spoke with confidence and asked questions. I was impressed on how a four-hour workshop can make so much difference. Almaz is amazing for organizing this program and I hope I’ll get another opportunity to volunteer.





Collective Healing and Community Building
July 20, 2016


Love Consciousness Celebration features live music, local vendors and spiritual practitioners who collaborate with the goal of creating moments of joy leading to collective healing and community building.

The music creates a higher state of consciousness. Once in this place of divine union as a group we can become restored and then the collaboration ideas will begin to flow.

Music, the word, prayers are the vehicles to enter into the door of divine union. Maintenance of the energy into daily life – work, family and meeting our physiological needs. Connecting the practical to the ethereal – the daily to the divine.

Plans and inspirations to build community and world we want are within us. The Music is designed to bring communities together with the intention of collaboration, developing and expanding various businesses and organizations that are transforming our lives.

Various Musicians from the Bay Area Perform – some bands and others as solo artist. Businesses and organizations with progressive ideas for harmonic transformation are presented. Prayer and Blessings are given by spiritual community leaders.