Youth Empowerment Services

Our after school program is a mix of activities that develops academic, social, physical and emotional skills in a relaxed atmosphere. We provide supplemental academic training and allow them to explore new talents in a less structured atmosphere.

GCEA runs a Youth Empowerment Services (YES) program. YES is a program that mentors and develops youths for leadership roles in the near future. We offer seven day’s a week classes. These classes can range from supplemental academic instruction, to rendering help with projects/assignments or to students with serious academic challenges. In addition to that students are taught digital technology classes like graphic design, screen printing, photo and video editing, film and video production, social media training, and African dance class. Our convenient weekend classes also cater to another group of youths and parents especially with busy schedules. Our summer camps offer our youths an opportunity to explore their hobbies, passions and creative sides. Our youths make suggestions on what extra-curricular activities they want to participate in at the summer camp and we try to accommodate it to the best of our abilities. In addition to creative activities, camp instructors stress positive values, equality, and social justice—beliefs that make them productive contributors to society.

GCEA has hosted several youth themed workshops with local schools and organizations. Under the program, disease prevention workshops are organized. Natural health education, healthy eating habits, and healthy cooking classes are taught. A licensed speaker is brought in to engage our youths in a lively setting. We also offer “life development workshops” that involve the participation of parents and children where conflict resolution, violence prevention, self-esteem, and college placement workshops.

Presently, GCEA works in coalition with many grassroots organizations. Some of the organizations include: Youth Uprising, Oakland Votes, We Lead Ours (WELO), The East Oakland Collective, The MenTouring Project, B.H. Minds Project Inc and The Focus Leadership Initiative in many different projects. One example of such project is the “Take Back Our Streets” series that works on preventing street violence.

We also facilitate a yearly youth trip to Africa: “Trip to Africa”. The trip is cultural and humanitarian at the same time. Our youths visit a different African country every year and are given a guided tour of historical sites. Our youths also supply local schools/orphanages with books and school supplies funded by our sponsors and partners.

Health Education Workshops

GCEA Health Education plan focuses of educating people about health living practices of consistent with supporting, improving, maintaining and enhancing health. Areas within this focus encompass environmental health, physical health, social health, mental health, and spiritual health.

Health education can be defined as the principle by which individuals and groups of people, learn to behave in a manner conducive to the promotion, maintenance, or restoration of health. However, as there are multiple definitions of health there are also multiple definitions of health education. GCEA promotes Health Education as any combination of planned learning experiences based on sound theories and holistic health that provide individuals, groups, and communities the opportunity to acquire information and the skills needed to make quality health decisions.

GCEA hold Health Education seminars for adults on their health and well-being. it is a unique program for them and physicians, nurse practitioners, holistic health educators, and other health care professionals designed to provide information on symptoms of diseases and diseases prevention workshop. GCEA also focus on mental health- removing the social stigma of mental sickness and providing resources to those affected.

Economic Development Workshops

Economic Development is the process by which a nation improves the economic, political, and social well-being of its people. The number one economic development activity is business retention programs assist small businesses to prevent falling.

GCEA focuses on economic empowerment, self-sufficiency, and the opportunity to do meaningful work which can be critical to long-term stability of the community. GCEA hold workshops where speakers talk on growing their small businesses to utilizing social media to build up their clientele to how loans/grants can be accessed to grow their businesses. As communities recognized that real job growth over time comes from local business expansion. For those seeking employment, GCEA offer help with resume/cover letter building and basic computer classes. Every month GCEA also hold a business expo that exposes businesses and their products to the community. Our workshops help career readiness that helps participants break the cycle of poverty, homelessness, and abuse.

Immigrant Support Services

Immigrant Support Services: We can confidentially help with immigrant emergency shelters needs and referrals. Immigrant legal needs and counselling. Finding and creating local community connection and safe place to stay.

We support asylum seekers and refugees in their quests for permanent residency and citizenship. We also provide legal support and attorney referrals for those in exigent circumstances. We advocate for immigrants in their quests for affordable housing, access to social services and job placement.

Professional Development Training

GCEA Professional Development Training program offers job placement training workshops seeking to elevate their job seeking and performance skills.

GCEA workforce development team plans and develops workshops customize to new immigrant needs. Whether to improve their skills or prepare for the next pitch, by motivating them, or answering questions they might have our program will give employees the techniques to engage and excel.

Our services cover citizens and immigrants alike. Classes on preparation for job placement, resume/cover letter building, mock interview and professional grooming.

Cultural, Arts and Education Workshops

We play hosts to a number of art, dance, music and cultural events in various locations. More importantly, we integrate film, dance, arts, theater and music into classes that foster tolerance, openness, critical thinking, creative problem-solving and civic literacy. We also have a program that sponsors students for foreign travel.